Lowongan Kerja PT Astra Honda Motor / AHM Terbaru

Lowongan Kerja  Bekasi 2011 Terbaru
PT Astra Honda Motor adalah perusahaan manufakturing & distribusi sepeda motor terbesar di Indonesia, dengan jumlah karyawan lebih dari 10.000 orang. Sesuai dengan visi perusahaan, PT. Astra Honda Motor selalu berupaya untuk menyediakan solusi mobilitas terbaik yang mampu memenuhi kebutuhan konsumen dengan sistem manajemen kelas dunia.

For that we need the best human resources in a creative, innovative, competitive and ready to join in achieving that goal. In human resource management, PT. Astra Honda Motor has a system of management of human resources professionals with the principles of Fair internally and externally Competitive accompanied by the development of human resources through training programs and other development and a clear career path in line with the development of the motorcycle business is increasing.

Every person at PT Astra Honda Motor valued in accordance with the achievements and potential, if you are a person who meets the desired qualifications, we wait for your presence to join PT. Astra Honda Motor.

Facing the challenges of the motorcycle market in Indonesia is getting tighter, PT. Astra Honda Motor requires creative human resources, competitive and innovative. For the PT. Astra Honda Motor opens career opportunities in manufacturing company with a world level career system internally and externally Competitive Fair.

Lowongan Kerja  PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) :

IT Application Analyst
 *  Section Head Parts Inventory
 *  PDCA Officer
 *  Part Planning Cost Controller
 *  Business Information & Master Data Analyst
 *  Analyst Application Development
 *  Parts Sales Analyst
 *  Designer 2 DME
 *  Junior Analyst HPDCM
 *  QT Engineer
 *  Procurement Support Control 1
 *  Staff Part Planning Cost 2
 *  EPP Staff DMD
 *  Sales Area Supervisor
 *  Consumer Insight Analyst
 *  Junior Software Engineering
 *  OBM Controller
 *  Training Development
 *  Production Control
 *  Training Development Analyst
 *  Process Engineering Analyst
 *  Cost Planner
 *  Tax Officer
 *  Inventory Analyst
 *  Production Section Head
 *  Vendor Control Analyst
 *  Business Functional Analyst
 *  Application Analyst
 *  Technician Analyst

For those interested, please apply online through the page:
Lowongan kerja Bekasi Terbaru 2011
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